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EXPAND Vision 5

Video Conferencing Bar

Take video conferencing to a new level with EXPAND Vision 5 for small and medium-sized meeting rooms. A powerful all-in-one video bar with razor-sharp video and outstanding audio performance thanks to two integrated speakers and four microphones.

Enhanced Meeting Experience

The EXPAND Vision 5 is an all-in-one video bar built on EPOS BrainAdapt™ technology. Designed with unique algorithms and acoustics to help the brain focus and orient while in hybrid meetings, the EXPAND Vision 5 is here to boost productivity on both sides of the video call.

All-in-one product

Speakers, camera, microphones and compute are built in to make this an all-in-one device for small and medium-sized meeting rooms. No PC needed, with UC apps – such as Microsoft Teams – running natively on the device.

Superb audio performance

Powerful stereo speakers carry every word clearly. Beamforming microphone array ensures crisp voice pickup and effective noise and echo cancellation

Intelligent camera solution

Wide angle 4K camera with Sony sensor and electromechanical pan/tilt for optimal room coverage. Intelligent picture framing dynamically adjusts to include all people in the room – powered by EPOS AI™

Cable management

Integrated cable management for a tidy meeting room and a consistent set-up. Supports Kensington lock to ensure the video bar remains where it should

Warranty and support

A two-year warranty ensures your investment is protected. Plus, access to EPOS Support team for questions and assistance

Automatic power saving

Goes into power saving mode when the motion sensor detects no activity in the meeting room


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